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Odds and Ends 2008.07.02Open Letter to China
Makings 2008.06.24 Dragons to Dragons, Dust to Dust
Friendly Faces 2008.05.21 Trembling and Tittering
Just Off Xiamen Streets 2008.05.07 Sensational News and Surreal Lights
Schmetterlingen! 2008.04.17 In Brief

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So What Happened on Our Vacation to Wuyi Shan?
You may want to go practice some gong fu cha while this page loads... but it's worth the wait ;)

A beautiful moment as seen through the eyes of my students!

Pure Poetry

Mitch's Perspective on Modern World Events

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Triumphant Arrival2007.08.18 kthxhai!
Yingcai Campus2007.08.19 China-themed Email List
Trash and Construction2007.08.21 Magical Sponge Retains New Information Like It's Going Out of Style
Towards South Putuo Temple2007.08.24 Author-itative Commentary and Also Some Bees
South Putuo Temple2007.08.28 Umbrellas In the Sun
Leaving South Putuo Temple2007.09.01 My Pictures and Your Voices
The Way Home2007.09.09 Loud Incoherency, Silent Understanding
Beach at Eveningtide2007.09.21 Natural Sequences
Night Lights2007.09.22 Addendum
Gulangyu2007.09.27 Persimmons in Moonlight
Awen's Birthday, Etc.2007.09.27 About the Game
Zhong Shan Lu2007.10.07 Languishing as Laowai
More Night Lights2007.10.19 Introducing the New Style
Ying Cai, Office (& more lights)2007.10.21 In the Space of One Day
The Students2007.11.03 Experience Extensions and "There Are No Coincidences"
My Birthday2007.11.09 Selfish Sharing and Computer Culture
At Home2007.11.18 Limbic Gymnastics
Classroom Activities2007.11.20 Dogs Bark at Me Because I'm Beautiful...
Yaning and Temple Statues2007.12.09 Bowl of Chicken-Heart Soup for the Soul
Hong Kong2007.12.15 Logistician, Singer, Songwriter, Queen
Wined and Dined2008.01.27 Seasons Creepings?!
Boat Trip2008.03.08 Swirling Scenery and Familiar Faces
Wuyi Shan Trip Part the First2008.04.12 Out of Touch
Wuyi Shan Trip Part the Second2008.04.17 In Brief
Qingting Fairies and Struggle in the Chaos2008.05.07 Sensational News and Surreal Lights
Painting with Light on the Canvas of Night2008.05.21 Trembling and Tittering
In the Space of One Day2008.06.24 Dragons to Dragons, Dust to Dust
Halloween 20072008.07.02 Open Letter to China
A Day's Diet, Among Other Things
Roadside Buddha and an Attakk!
Botanical Gardens: Temple
Botanical Gardens: Rainforest
Botanical Gardens: Succulence
Lily's Visit and Jimei's Highlights
Close to Home
Yingcai Sports Competition
Yuan Bo Yuan 1
Yuan Bo Yuan 2
Yuan Bo Yuan 3
Guzheng, Playing at School
Love Letters
Celebrations: Plays and Parties
Things of Beauty Around the House
Chinese New Year's Vacation 2008
  • Yunnan: Kowloon to Kunming
  • Yunnan: Kunming Taoist Temples
  • Yunnan: Dali Old City
  • Yunnan: Dali Bike Ride
  • Yunnan: Shuhe
  • Yunnan: Tiger Leaping Gorge
  • Yunnan: Lijiang
  • Yunnan: Jinghong, Xishuangbanna
  • Yunnan: Damenglong, Xishuangbanna
  • Guangxi: Guilin
  • Guangxi: Yangshuo
  • Guangxi: Yangshuo and Back
  • How to Build a Dragon
    Wedding and a Walk in the Woods
    Hulishan Temple and Baicheng Beach
    In Search of Butterflies
    Zhangzhou: Camping
    Zhangzhou: Volcanic Island
    Zhangzhou: Photosynthesis
    Street Scenes
    Up a Mountain Road: Hither
    Up a Mountain Road: Thither
    Zoo Excursion: Temple and Safari Park
    Zoo Excursion: On with the Show!
    Just Off Xiamen Streets
    Friendly Faces
    Odds and Ends

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