27 September 2007
A beautiful moment as seen through the eyes of my students!


In the garden, we are sat in the grass, but it's too hot. I smell the taste of sunshine and light smell of sweat. A glance, I saw a lots of flowers. Purple, red, yellow, pink, orange, green, and so on. Verdant trees, small grass, blue sky. I feel very comfort.

Hard working aunts is irrigated them. They comfortable is sunbathing. I seem looking smile to them Smell intangible scatter in the garden. Morning glories, dandelions, capsicums, lootahs, aubergines, sun flowers, chrysanthemums and so on. All smiles with them. I heard chortle, and murmurous to them. I feels the world have they. Everything changes very beautiful.

I love this small outing.


Today I came to flowered shop.

Go to experience the autumn.

I saw a lot of flowers.

Have a lot of plant and flowers.

I don't know.

And some Vegetables.

I felt the earth in the growth.

I heard bird yelling.

I feel all things on earth of world are life.


Today, sky is blue, the clouds are wonderful. Some like dogs, some like sturdy steeds galloping on the grasslands. Our teacher led us into flower nursery to creative article. In there, we felt relaxed and school's another side. We felt nature is nice. The birds were singing when we came there. The butterflies were freedom fly. Flowers were very nice, they were face to the sun. At there the scent of flowers assails the nostrils. We had enjoy ourselves.


Today, We had a special class. Why It's different, because we didn't write in the class. We were in the school Garden.

When the class began, Mitch let us follow him went to a place where we spent this class. But he didn't said where the place was. We all didn't understand and fell curious.

Finally we arrived the school Garden. There had many flowers. The flowers had many colours, yellow, red, white and so on.

We went around the garden, we couldn't smelled flower's fragrance clearly, but in some place we could smelled some bad stink clearly. That was not very good.

I went into the garden, watched flowers and told with the women who took care of the flowers.

I saw the Mitch. Saw him was not a special thing, but a Mitch with a flower between hairs and ear was special. Then Alan said, "Oh! Mitch, you are so beautiful!" Mitch said, "You are so beautiful, too!" That was fun, no matter what I saw or heard.

Today's' class was too special for me to forget it!


Blue the sky, green grass. The beautiful flower still have a group of lively child and our lovable teacher. Oh, constituted a line of beautiful scenery. Let me remember while I and just got to the school. I plant a lot of flowers and vegetable with schoolmate. We free play in the garden. Then I return and arrive reality. We picked a lot of flowers together. I saw the dandelion. I light blow it. It floats at liberty with the wind. How light time, let time stop in this second. But happiness always momentary. I can only hide the most best memory in the spirit depths. A wonderful day…


It's a find today. Afternoon. Mitch are bring us and go to the garden. The weather is very hot. We are very far to walk. After a while we go to the garden. No weather still hot. But I feeling relax. Because I like Nature. This is that I come. Yingcai school to be first and come to this garden. The garden have many flower. Although we don't know the flower name. In garden. I thing I very Freedom. But time opens too quick. We pick the flower and some vegetable. The vegetable look like very lovable. Will soon the class is over. We are singing the song and return to class room. Happy ended for a day.


In these afternoon, Mitch took us went to a place. I don't know where he wanted took us, so I ask him, "Where shall we go?" He said, "It's a secret." I am imbued with curious mood follow him to came he what is called secret place. On the way to this secret place, a student said the weather is too hot, she "can't stood it," and she said this not only once time in this way. Came to there, I know as a matter of fact is a flower garden. How beautiful it is!

Look there, I don't know what those things, the Mitch asked me it's green houses. Then Mitch asked us sat in grass and write somethings you can smelled you fell and what you saw, but almost students said we should saw the flowers and appreciate, when our came back to the classroom, we can write it.

Immerse in flower sea, in this moment, nervous wood became relaxed. Be affected by the flowers frame of mind, nature is so beautiful, breathe nature take us fresh air, so cool it is.

I saw some students pick flowers, and I saw some student's pick the vegetables. Oh, no I think we should protect plants. A student pick a flower and insert Mitch's hair, then said "Oh, how beautiful is your hair." To Mitch. Some students put flowers insert my all hair, oh my god, why does these students sad it's beautiful, I don't think so, is too ugly.

Light I went away, be just like I came here.

The beautiful flower garden, I must say goodbye to you.

We should went back to classroom, went all out in study.

See you next time, the beautiful garden.

Recollect what things happened in garden, perhaps that is a dream in my mind, this frame of mind, came make me flew dream's paradise.


This afternoon. Mitch take our complete class to take a beautiful place. It's a school's flower garden. In the garden have so many flowers. I know to flower not, but totality of. Look feel sleep come to nature, and as if we graze the small bird of fly. The picture is very beautiful. We can see the Mitch's ears have a beautiful flower. Look to like in Hawaii and have a vacation. Student are learn to do it too, so. Suit. This picture is beautiful too. Time very quick. We unwilling to part with leave. But Sophie say. "She want go here every day." All student smile, It's a happy today.



The weather it very nice. But a little hot. Mitch told classmates we'll went to a beautiful place. What. Where. Any question want to ask Mitch. Oh. I forget it. Mitch we're foreigner teacher. Shall we go. It is very long to walk. Just take a walk. But, weather is very hot. When we arrived it. Wow. It very beautiful. All kind of flowers. Beautiful. The place isn't big, but really beautiful very much. The classmates complained and all had not even if the tired classmates passes through the praise doesn't living too. The butterfly flutters in the flowered sea, honey bee in busy collect the honey and so on. These constitutions are beautiful scenery.

But time is up.

Class is over.

We live there.


Today, we went to the garden for writing, and we really had some cool inspirations. The sky was blue, you can even see birds free and easy to fly. It took a long time to walk to the garden, but when we arrived, it all worthwhile. We saw many kinds of flowers, like dandelion, trumpet flower. Some of the classmates wore flowers on their heads, and plucked plants for collection. There was something special flavor when I walked around the garden. The special flavor is just like grass, flowers. Actually it is nature. When I was sitting on the ground, I noticed that there were many insects crawled near to me. I was pleased to getting closer to nature, but I really hate insects! Well, I think this outdoor class is helpful to us.


Today afternoon Mitch lead we to a garden in Yingcai. The weather is very fine. So everything is bright. The sky is blue. There have many beautiful flowers. They are very luxuriant. But also have the a lot of the variety. When wind blows we can smell the flower fragrant. Have the cat now and then in the garden leisurely is taking a walk. Sunshine afternoon is how soft. Everyone is in the enjoyment every good view.


Writing of afternoon. Of class foreign teacher take us to come to flower in school garden. In the flowered world. I sit on the in the lawn. Far look at these flowered, variety of diverse. Then we get close to the flowers these flowered shape a lot of, grotesque, are full of distinctive feature. Flower colour a lot of, open out very bright beauty very we spend. Also assail the nose instant fragrant smell.


In the afternoon. Mitch lead a group of young people go a secret place.

All the way I seem very much thing. For example. I seem a teacher ride on a motorcycle. Motorcycle issue sound. Sun is very large. So I very hot. Well as I smell odour. After long time. The secret space is school parterre. I seem very much flower.

I seem not of colours flower is very beautiful cockscomb, chrysanthemum and paprika. Last unexpectedly appear vegetables, eggplant, and snake melon back. I seem Mitch don a yellow flower. I think he very cool.

Sing all the way back to the classroom.


Today Mitch, took us to a place which I didn't know before in writing class. It's a beautiful place many kinds of flowers. White, blue, pink, yellow and so on. And smell fragrant. And we sat under a big tree on the lawn. We relaxed ourselves a lot! And there are some workers' and teachers' dormitories around, Mitch wanted us to write down what we see, hear, feel, smell there. So the students ran to toward to these flowers. They picked up some beautiful flowers. They smell, they they put them on their ear! They laughed, ran so happy! Mitch..er…it seemed that he was creating a poem. It's really and enjoyable and relaxed lesson. I enjoy that.


Oppressive weather and grey skies. The feeling is so bad. I just want to sleeping. But, when I saw plants in the garden, immediately I had vigor. The flower is out now. Flower has a rather colourful plast. Some strip the braches bent low with ripened fruits and sometime you can find cat hide thick growth of grass. Listen too! There is children gave way to their mirth. What are they doing? They are evolves chat the teacher. The airplane is flying of their.

...and Mitch

Fifteen of my favorite people.

Poking around in a flower garden.

They place a yellow bloom behind my ear.

Giggling and cackling they hunt for words.

Under each leaf, behind each stem.

The grey sky above thick with asphalt.

They see it as blue.

From the eyes and smiles.

Magnificent colors.

Dandelions tickle our noses.

Fifteen flowers blooming.