View from balcony of the fancy house we trounced in and slept in, while the owner was away.

The owner keeps five wildcats in two cages out back. Tres chic.

Xiamen skyline from the island of Gulangyu.

Colourful transport boats-- we chartered a similar one the previous night at 4:00 am.

What octopus? We were just walking by with our umbrellas unfurled.

Lovely Sammi helps us pick out some creatures for our luncheon.

The waiter recommends some of the creatures with gill slits.

Ribbon fish, rays, and mollusks.

You point and they cook!

I liked the ones with antennae and articulated joints.

There's really only a few hundred lateral feet of water separating Gulangyu from Xiamen.

The port of Xiamen, also once called Amoy.

Dragon Fire Fruit cut open to reveal frog-egg-like flesh.
Anon and dates in foreground, apple, mango, and globe grapes behind.