Ying Cai, Office, (& more lights)

Morning address and flag-raising in front of the school.

Wait, am I teaching at a military school?

Or maybe the school just has to fulfill some patriotic duty for a few weeks?

In any case, they're starting them young.

Gnomes and mushrooms welcome the kiddies to the primary school.

International, English, and Math Departments.

Mitch with energy. Robert with slightly less.

Chinese toilets make more sense both anatomically and hygienically.

Poem by Qu Yuan. Basically-- try and try again and you will get a woman.

In the office between classes, with spanking-new lap-warmer. Yes, we run windows.
Wait, don't be judging us! I'm just thankful my OS speaks ENGLISH.

On the island of Xiamen proper, ubiquitous art always blends into the feeling of a place.

Frog on a frog in front of a Titan-esque Green Man-ish sort of water feature.

Hey, anybody mind if I sneak in some more pictures of lights?

Lights from similar palettes change colours spastically or with smooth blends.

For example, this exquisite flower-egg blushes on looped cues.

DO WANT! Please imprint yourselves on my retinas and follow me home.