At Home

Mitch relaxing in the living room after a nocturne allegro.

Some early AM visitors, Dushan and Jenny.

Despite our daring dawn plans, we didn't rent a bicycle car built for four.

Some money I had in my pocketses. ~7 RMB = 1 US$

The living room with thriving shoe population.

Our turtles Yin and Yang (RIP).

The kitchen altar, complete with holy Snoopy.

The ceiling of my room, featuring strange lighting fixture.

A building on a back alley across from XiaDa campus.

While shopping for a plastic toilet seat. Glamorous domestic life!

Frog spray. Frog spray in my second apartment at Yingcai.

Mitch, on our beach, holding a funeral for Yang.

Reading aloud from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, turtle in box in hand.