Classroom Activities

Make Way for the Munchkin Parade!

Hi! Hello!! How are you?! I'm fine!! I'm fine!!

Yoouu're sweetheeaarts when you siiing, wheeen you siiing. Cutie alert: lower right-hand corner.

All rise for your exorcises! >:P I CAN HAS ECKSORESIZM?!
Do my eyes really glow like these 30 pictures would have you believe?
Thirty pictures can't all be wrong, can they? Can they??
Maybe it's just when I'm around this many kids.
Or maybe it's Ella's camera that needs the demons shaken out.

Teacher says, "Touch your toes!"

Heh. Heheheh. There are so many captions this is not going to have.

Thaaank yoooouuuu, gooodbyeee!!! Goooodbyyeeee!!!

*<3* Senior Level Two *<3*

<3 This is the best class evahr.

The things we teach our kids... *grin* And we wonder why they say the darnedest things.

And if you think those're funny, you should have seen what we wrote/ drew on the board AFTER the photographer left.