Hong Kong

Narcoleptic squiddly-spooges in their bucket-shaped space ship.
Er, wait, no... they might be dead, actually.

Hello Duck Head! Meat hangs out together.

San Francisco club?!

Towards Victoria Street.

Away from Victoria Street.

Robert and his girlfriend Ting-Ting on the skywalk between buildings.

They seem to lean.

Driving under the influence of The English.

A raptor soars above an aptly-named Eagle center.

The harbour from Wan Chai.

Hong Kong skyline along waterfront.

The wind and the willows. But mostly the sun.

Near the exhibition center.

Creature guards the portal.

Has claws, brings own bell, will vanquish impertinent young upstarts.

A jackalope-dragonfish sort of creature. Natural habitat: celestial scrub and marine plains.