Wined and Dined

Banquet at a five-star hotel to celebrate the 58th National Day of China.

Somehow, depsite not being on the guest list, we found ourselves seated among bigwigs.

"Boulder Jumped Over the Wall" soup contains all sorts of delectable squoogy things.

Purty schmancy.

At the mall opening located in a nieghboring district.

All the Laowai were invited so that they'd have foreign faces in their photographs.

The transportation, food, drink, and entertainment were free.

So in order to show our appreciation, several of the boys indulged in some Traditional Swimming of the Fountain.

Mitch deomonstrates proper fountain-swimming technique.

See, back home, Laowai will jump into a fountain at the least provocation.

Mitch explains this to the emcee and the expectant audience to their right.

More silly Laowai continue water fights into the night.

Shh, the is on the d/l, but I still occasionally take photographs of street lamps.
Pretend you didn't notice.