Boat Trip

Jenny collects the money for the boat rental.

And we're off!

We pass some moored boats!

We pass another boat!!

Molly Monroe in the wind, teehee!

They aren't emotionalized yet!

Ship building apparatii.

The island in the distance we stopped at had abandoned buildings!

I think all the exclamation points are starting to affect them!

The tower in the middle of the island.

With Yaning.

So cute!


Yaning on the boat ramp.

With student Shelly.

Yaning again.

The tower they climbed.

The city we live in.


Gorgeous sky.

Here we are engaged in an ice ship war. It may have ended with a hosing.

Glorious clouds.


Most of the crew on one of our three boats.

Kirby the Kanuckistani geography expert, and Lynn the mother of Dushan and Red.