Wuyi Shan Trip Part the First

View from hotel window
The view from our hotel room window.

Sunset in Wuyi Shan.

Village pond
We took a walk through a neighborhood just below our hotel.

Village snag
The whole place was so photogenic, but I felt discourteous taking pictures of people in their exquisite poverty.

Village doorway
So I covertly popped shots of these corridors and doorways.

Village blue windows
Though people in China have no compunctions about taking photos of us all the time.

Village handhold
But it's different because we are the visitors here; we have brought the sight-seeing to them.

Village corner
This is the pivotal generation where people are able to get involved in the international technology scene.

Village window
Many of the people in this place had never seen a foreigner before, so we obliged thier stares as we stared back.

Bamboo rafts
Bamboo rafts on the Nine Bends River on the way up to Tian You peak.

A frog we saw in a cave created by stacked giant rocks.

The path not taken
Across from the Fairy Bathroom and the steps up the mountain, this is the path not taken.

View from climb
View of the Nine Bends River as we ascend.

Molly in view
Hello from Wuyi Shan! Shall I stand in your view?

Umbrella parade
The Umbrella Parade up the mountain. National week is the height of the tourist season for Wuyi Shan.

Umbrella trail
There must have been at least ten thousand people passing through here this day, conservative estimate.

Nine Bends River
More and more Chinese people are finally finding themselves with a disposable income,

Nine Bends River
and so now that they are able, they would like to travel and start by exploring more of their own country.

Nine Bends River with umbrella parade
Wuyi Shan is particularly famous in Fujian Province for its natural scenic attractions.

Mitch waves from umbrella parade
Mitch waves from the Umbrella Parade. He can has sunburn? Bring bumbershoot!