Wuyi Shan Trip Part the Second

Mark, Molly, Mitch, and Harry
In a store in the Cultural Palace area at the base of Tian You Peak.

A Cultural Palace Building
One of the buildings in the Cultural Palace.

Harry Butterfly
I single-handedly discovered this *entire* butterfly.
So I named it after Harry, my faithful tour guide and pocket dictionary fairie.

Green Lives
A particularly poignant "Keep of the Grass" sign outside the Cultural Palace.

Incense Burner
At the temple where Mitch and I shook out our fortune sticks.

Temple Gong
Escaping for a moment the vigilant watch of our child guides, I was able to poke about in the recesses of the temple workshop.

Temple Bonsais
Bonsai collection in front of the Oracle booth where we got our fortunes interpreted.

Zhi Dao
"Ni Zhi Dao, ma?" "Due, wo zhi dao." "Bu shi, /ta/ shi Zhi Dao." "Wo zhi dao!"
"You Zhi Dao?" "Yep, I know." "No you're not, /he/ is Zhi Dao." "I know!"
See, it's funny because... the Head Monk's name is Zhi Dao.

Big Buddha
Stone Buddha we stopped at when we careened down the hill, also where we mysteriously lost our guide.

Bamboo Molly
"Mo Li Huaaa," lilts Harry's voice from the bamboo forest, where leaves busy themselves scattering sunlight.

Tea Trail
Cobbled trail up to the three Da Hong Pao tea bushes where we would yet again "be amazing".

Tea Blossom
Tea plants with blossoms.

Care-taker's House
Stepping on stone pillars across a stream, we discover a little care-taker's homestead.

Wrong Gesture
"Molly, you have the wrong gesture. Molly, there is something wrong with your gesture. Molly..."

Cha Cups
Tea cups at the Communist Party Secretary's tea store's Attendant's Gong Fu Cha demonstration.

Lady Boys
At the lady boy show, where we, indeed, saw lady boys.

Snake Baijiu
"Hey man, is that a sssnake in yer 'jiu?"

Across the Tracks
On the way out of Wuyi Shan we traveled soft class.
To make up for such comforts, we enjoyed an extra four hours of travel time and the tinging of an infernal fan.

Track Fire
Goodbye Wuyi Shan, we leave you in flames. Thanks for all the ducks!