In the Space of One Day

I call these Mao-Mobiles because they are the colour and style of the era.
Oh, maybe because they /are/ from the era.

Girl on door guardian statue
A young girl waits to be picked up from her downtown school.
A perfect time to be clambering on statues while clutching an egg.

Shoe sculpture
This sculpture of shoes really speaks to me on a profound level. In Chinese, though. And too loudly to be intelligible.
It's saying something like, "The old style may look ugly and worn, but it stays firm and useful... while the new fashion is weak and passing."
So strength of character should be valued over superficial concerns. And if you cherish the old, it will keeps its shine.
Wait, actually, it may just be a sculpture of shoes.

Roofline near army base
Textures of walls, rooves, steps, and pillars near an army base I stumbled upon.

View of street
View of the street from the temple above.

View up to temple
View of the temple from the street below.

Construction site
I swear this overpass-construction wasn't over the road here a week ago.

Barnacled pilings
Are those... barnacles on your pilings? Yes, it looks like they're recycling shipwrecks.

Birds and wires, angle
Birds swoop and spiral, appearing to pluck the power lines like an electric skysichord.

Birds and wires
Tirelessly keeping up apparent scales practice.

Evelyn and Molly
Evelyn and me in the taxi home from massages.

Go game in reflection
Go game in the reflection, on the patio at Brown Sugar Cafe.

Dog in bicycle basket
This is a picture of a dog in a bicycle basket. Yep.

Example of poor nose-keeping
He's not smiling because...
he's a terrible nose-keeper.
Time to call a professional!

Molly brandishing fruit
Glaaaaaahr! Fruits are, (from left to right): Pomelo, Molly, and Persimmon.
Several fruits were harmed immediately following the making of this picture.