Halloween 2007

Getting ready and putting the costume together.

I was Cheng'E for Halloween! Did you know?

Pudgey Pirate
One of the boys dressed up as a pudgey pirate

And she has a snake, too!

Shelly and Molly
Shelly and I combine mahvelously.

Good Luck Mitch
Mitch is Good Luck for Halloween, with 16 dangly-doos hanging off of him.

Proper Pirate
Jamie is a proper pirate!

Masked Jack
Jack as the Masked Man.

Daniel is cherubic in her bright threads.

XIS kids
A Xiamen International School student puckering up with Halloween sweets.

That's not a man, man! It's Cindy.

Sophie as herself!

Winged Stella
Winged Stella-- Fallen Angel? No! Risen Devil!

Monster Boy
One of the boys is a... monster... thing.

Alan with Nose
Alan sports a stunning nose. With an eyepatch. And some blood.

Three Girls
Having too much fun waiting outside the haunted house.

I was Cheng'Eeeeeeeeeeeee!

with Dushan
Dushan is a convincing hootchie trashy LAYDEE.

with Monk
With a newly-met friend Monk. Did I mention I was Cheng'E?