A Day's Diet, Among Other Things

Mushroom Statues
Why yes, we /do/ have giant mushroom statues on the roadside.

Paper Shadows
Paper-cut shadows from the elementary school windows.

Some pollution from smoke stacks in Shinglin billow in view from our track and field.

Fishing Net Sunset
I'm obsessed with trying to get a good photograph of this place from the rumbling school bus.

Sunset with Boats
Maybe some day the bus will break down there (quite possible) or I'll stop on my own.

Eight Do's and Don'ts
Does Number Seven mean that you can't play your character here, Gayla?

BBS Board
Yingcai's idea of a "BBS" ...way to get with the technological times, D00Dz!

A day of eating photojournaled for Robinanne.
Let us start with breakfast: some sort of soy or rice milk, and some sort of oily breadstuff.

Variety of Seeds
Hrrm, let's see... I think we have all the food groups represented in this snack:
Anise flavoured melon seeds with plain, rose-flavoured, and gray tea-stained pumpkin seeds.

Seed Hull Art
So much meticulous artwork and now you're just going to THROW IT ALL AWAY! /BRILLIANT/, DAHLING!

School Lunch
A passable school lunch, with plenty of nabbed fruit for when I'm hungry later.
A soup-sort of liquid with egg residue, greens with necessary hot sauce, mung bean sprouts, and er... um?

Fried Thing
A gift from an office-mate of a sweet fried thing sparsely coated with sesame seeds

George's Birthday Meal
Now THIS is a meal. Georgie-dear's Birthday meal, in fact. With a couple very large fish.
A wonderful treat after so much school cantin food.

Jenny Enshrouded
Jenny is a specter of shrouded beauty in the living room.

Lilypad Planter
A planter of lilypads on the Brown Sugar patio, a favourite hang-out.

Karin Faulkner
My elementary school writing teacher, Karin Faulkner, and one of her cats I immediately so adored.