Roadside Buddha and an Attakk!

Big Stone Buddha
The big stone Buddha on a hillside a few kilometers up the road from my house.

Buddha Head
Big stone Buddha head, though I wonder if half the time what I think of as stone is really concrete.

Molly Buddha Heads
Shot framing by Paul, hairstyling by the wind.

Hobbit Hole
A pygmy hobbit hole in a bonsai, with shamrock flag raised on the doorstep.

Molly Close-up
These are in response to the complaints that I don't have enough Molly-pics.

Molly Tree
Though these shots were taken within a few seconds of each other, I look like three different people.

Molly Sunshine
Sunshine is my best make-up artist. It also does wonderful wardrobe and costuming.
Yes, I mean sky-clad --you're very clever!

Incense Sticks
Incense sticks among the ashes of fallen compatriots.

Cubic Door
Back at the Place of Chaos, I found a door guarded by a hypo-cube (rusty thyroid).

I left the door unopened because, though quite slow, the hypo-cube looked fierce.

Puppies!1 Puppies!2
Puppies!3 Puppies!4

Drinking Puppies
Puppies being raised semi-feral in the company of a gross of chickens.
Speaking of gross, stepping in that water is out of bounds and I'm not playing with you anymore.

Three Puppies and a Chicken
Nappus Interruptus: Three of these amigos are not a chicken. Can you spot the irregcockularity?
"Hay, cud u not walk thru ar napping plz?"