Botanical Gardens: Temple

Butterfly on bougainvillea.
The brightly coloured bracts are not flowers.
The creamy inflorescence is just above the reddish modified leaves.

Red-spotted leaves
On our way up to the temple inside the Botanical Gardens.

Paul walks through a dragon gate near the top of the hill.

Looking up
Looking up at the construction above the entrance to a sort of prayer cave.

Bucket vignette
A bucket-basin-clothesline vignette outside the prayer cave entrance.

Mural carving
Stone mural carving on the wall outside the prayer cave.

Mural close-up
Focusing on the sphere in the center, you can see the marbles stuck in the niches.

Seat cushion totem
Totemic mandala seat cushions.

Prayer cave
This is what I'm calling the Prayer Cave.
It also appears to be a sort of storage closet.

The temple at the top of the hill.

Sorting baskets
Sorting baskets outside of temple dwellings.

Burning incense
Burning incense. I notice I keep trying to take pictures of things I smell.

Gate and city
From above the gate, over the ring of botanical garden forest, to the Xiamen cityscape.

Bamboo scaffolds
Bamboo scaffolds hugging a construction site.
Need a ladder? Make one.

Vegetable garden
Vegetable garden below the temple and construction.

Another dragon
Another dragon. I'm starting to wonder when I'll finally see a living one.
It's strange what (in effigy so oft portrayed) expectations we create for our perception possibilities.
Like, if we create the possibility of existing dragons in our consciousness... oh, you know.
We simultaneously /know/ we won't see one, and yet wonder if we still might, despite our belief.

"Hey guyshlth, what'shlth up? I'lm jushltht hanglging outlth withlth thlishlth ball in mly mouthlshth.
Hey, couldtsh thlyou dthlo mle a flthavoursh andlth jlshusth sthortlsth of mlove thlhe ball tlo thle leftlth flor mle?"

Caution! Falling People! The strangest roadsign yet.

Waterlily nursery
Waterlily nursery with a couple of grazing birds.