Botanical Gardens: Rainforest

Tree yinyang
A tree and growth form a yinyang of light and dark.

Faerie bubble
A bubble of light floats by, de-magnifying and re-mystifying the forested area.

Hole in the Wall
A building in picturesque disrepair, sporting a hole in its wall.

I-Ching pathway
I think of this pathway as paving stone I-Ching patterns.
Except some are in trinary. The Three-Ching.

Window leaves
Magnificently dressed window wearing a verdant evening gown.

Paint-peeled door
A corresponding doorway seductively peels back its paint layers.

Molly fruit
The rare Mollyfruit found in a previously unknown habitat.

Tribute to Monet
Plein-air digital photograph of waterlilies and reflections.
I would make a Monet pun here, but I wouldn't want you to get the wrong Impression.

Lily circle
Outer shadow ring
Growth in the center allows
inner reflections.

Lotus fractal
Fractalilies: Lotuses embodying fractional dimensional representations of other parts of itself.
The big hole in the center and the little holes around the edge depict a slice of lotus root.

Another waterlily picture
Can one ever have /too many/ pictures of waterlilies?

Blue Lotus Flower
Blue (purple) lotus flowers smell of Pure Purple, also somewhat like violets.
The inner villi-like pollen-covered projections look like tripping daisies; sea anemone-style acid-jazz visualizations.

Fish in frame
Visual fish tickling. Or stabbing. As you prefer.

Paul and Mitch
Mitch and his Fabulous Great Uncle Paul on the way up a hill.

Cement arbour
What I thought was a cleverly-made wooden trellis? It's actually cement.