Botanical Gardens: Succulence

Now you sedum, now you drought.

Bird of paradise
Bird of paradise near the entrance to the cactus and succulent area.

Camel mirage
Oh! Camels! But they're missing...

Camel riders
...riders, yeah! Paul and Mitch on two very well-behaved camels.

Camel powershot
Powershot of Mitch astride his regal mount.

Runaway camel
Hanging on for dear life-- my camel is quite mischevious and out of control.

Cactus pots
Tables of cactupii inside a glass and steel solarium.

Butterfly death
A last moment.

Heart family
A family of hearts, reminiscent of the Valentines.

Snailshell solarium
Spiral snailshell-shaped solarium.

Cactus scatter
A spiky scattering of cactus patches.

Cactus arc
Cactus arcs and whorls.

Cactus rainbow
I can sing a caaaactus raaaiiinboooww!

Cactus prism
And a cactus prism!

Cactus grafts
Grafted cactus madness.

Cactus chorus
Cactus rainbow chorus with organpipe accompaniment.

Cactus scatting the blues spectrum.

Grafted cabbage
A grafted cabbage kid in the cactus patch.

Cactus finale
Er, some of us have better things to do than look at pictures of China-side cactuses.
What you're not seeing: the several grafted peyote mega-buttons just outside this frame.