Lily's Visit and Jimei's Highlights

Lily in Nanputuo
Lily has come to visit! Of course the tour starts in Nanputuo temple.

By a rock
And here is a picture of us together on the oceanfront by a rock!

Cling! Lily is a cutiepie.

Saltwater pool
Jimei University's swimming pool is saltwater, right next to the bay.

Water spheres
Floating spheres for hire.
I believe you get inside, they pump it up with air, and you roll around on top of the water.

Boats against the seawall
Boats against the sea wall at low tide. I'm not sure if this is still on campus.

Boat eyes
Closer to see the protective boat eyes.

Paint peeling
Close enough to see the texture of paint peeling and nails rusting.

Salty vignette
A salty basaltic vignette with a liberal sprinkling of crunchy calcium bicarbonate croutons.

Place of happenings
The entrance gate to a place called Ao Yuan Chun Hui. As I read over my ticket, it looks like
something happened here on Oct 21 1874, something else ocurred in 1913, and more things happened
on Aug 12 1961 and Mar 11 1990! This must be some sort of /Place/ where things /Happened!/

Happening place
It's no wonder it's such a happening place.

Sunlit flags
Sunlit flags on a gazebo in a happening place in Jimei with Lily in the afternoon.

Cords and cornices.

Looking out towards the Jimei bay, there is an oleander bush in the background. Foreshadowing!

Worm's-eye view
A worm's-eye view of an earlier bird and a sort of... it's just a big phallusy, isn't it?

Never-ending creature
My what a fine NOSE he has! It's just like the flying dog creature in the Never-Ending Story.

NeS creature side-view
And what fine EARS he has, the dear poppet! Can we keeeeep him?

Shaft composition
Composition with corners, columns and... wait, is that a big /shaft/?
Is there an elevator running up and down that thing? Couldn't be.

Oleander is not for eating!
Pretty yes, but try not to confuse it with bay leaves (how on earth?!) because it is poisonous.
A note to the French: here's a handy rule of thumb!
If it's a bay leaf, it will have the fragrance of... a bay leaf, and will be good to flavour your stew.
If it's oleander, it /WILL/ kill your entire army and you'll lose the battle by default. Just saying.

A man, a plan, a crazy-cool tree: eertloocyzar canal... uh, no.
An... a Man... a Phamhunham... hub-hub... buh-BUH-mahnuhmah: Panamana

Moving on...
Ahem... moving on, we see things from a different perspective.

Layers of Chinese mototaxis. No se parecen mototaxis como los que conozco.

Have no fear for cumbustive energy,
none but the driver can start the motor!
Oh how long will they leave us idling,
while we stand aside and wait?
We forward in this mototaxi, triumphantly.
Won't you help to sing, this song of mototaxis?
Cuz all I ever cabbed-- Rasta motortaxi,
Rasta motortaxi.