Yingcai Sports Competition

Mustering the troops by class for the big parade opening event.

Marching flowers
Marching around the track to stop in front of the judges...

...and then brandishing flowers and doing a little dance!

Flag brigade
We have a flag brigade! Er, colour guard. Whatever you call the people with the coloured flags.

Little ones
Even the little ones are out in practiced style.

Good, better, best
"Good, better, best. Never let it rest." Good! But with more cowbell exclamation points!

Olympic mascots
The five olympic mascots must be very busy, but they took the time out to visit /our/ school!

Mascot backs
Such famous characters, and our students get to ackchully /meet/ them!

Wide view
Two and a half days off of regular school schedule for this? Excellent fun!

Though there is a bit of hazy pollution, today is a gorgeous sunny day for this.

Horny one
The horny orange one is my favourite. You can see his human bones through his translucent skin.

Alan and Jack
Alan and Jack are resting before their sprints while the girls work on sports articles and posters.

Boys sprints
A boys' footrace, 100 meter sprints.

Girls sprints
A girls' race, most of our class (the International Class) placed!

Olympic runner
But what's this? An olympic-level sprinter is way out of this league.

Flying towards the finish line!