Yuan Bo Yuan 1

Sunrise in the city
Sunrise from the bus on the way to school.

Flower mushrooms
Flower mushrooms at the entrance to Yuan Bo Yuan, a garden expo.

Flower mushroom
Varigated petunias masquerading as an amanita.

Circular trellis
Bougainvillea climbs a circular trellis.

Mitch and the boys
Johnny, Mr. Gao, Lewis, Alan, Jack, Paul, and Mitch.

Molly and the girls
Front: Stephanie, Cherry, Stella, Daniel, Sophie, Catherine, and Shelly.
Back: Cindy, Molly, Annie, and Jamie.

Tilted statue face
Maroo? Guardian statue with cocked head and cute fangs.

Ouuh, a gate.

White temple
White temple with buddha statue.

White temple tops
White temple bell tops

Minority garden
Minority garden pond.

Resting worker
A worker rests near another gate.

Tibetan temple
Tibetan temple model with bell-spinning path.

Tibetan temple top
Prayer flags on temple top.

Floating tractor
A floating tractor.

Wooden water wheel
Wooden water wheel.

Water wheel
Sorry about these disappointing captions, but what else can I say?