Yuan Bo Yuan 2

Workers working or sporting babushkas.

Broken candy
Hee! Gravity broke her candy.
No sense in crying over spilled physics.

Green roundhouse
Green round house is round and green.

Red on green
Red flowers against the green round house.

Central temple
The central temple from the green round house.

Flag poles
Poles bearing cloth box flags.

Temple and statue
Statue in front of the central model temple housing a museum on the first floor.

Temple statue
It's a tiger!...horse...fish, dragon. Well... but it's FIERCE!

Embroidery in the model temple museum.

Circle bridge
Big glass and steel sculpture from a bridge.

Circle yinyang
Visual yinyang haiku.

Some high school grade two, class five students decided to breakdance.


Handstands and popping poses.

Class five
Nice bunch of kids.