Yuan Bo Yuan 3

Moonboat sign sailing through crysanthemums.

DNA sculptures
DNA strand statues.

Trellis gazebo
European style trellis gazebo.

White walls
White-pebbled walls of a dome house.

Hunting a metal impala, metal lion is the shot calla.

Shiny lollipop
Something random and shiny!

Shiny closeup
Shiny, I tell you!

Tree rooftop
Roof-line trained tree-top at the edge of the gardens.

Thorn tree
Thornier than thou.

Single thorn
A single thorn on a tree not built for climbing.

Braided tree trunk
An adolescent philodendron is humiliated in front of its peers.

"Huang" meaning "net," appropriately woven into a hemp net.

Put a box around your answer, pi infinitely repeating? No, not pi-inna-box!
"Yuan" as in "Yuan Bo Yuan" (Garden of Vast Gardens) refers to a garden or park.

Tree gazebo
Resting under a trained tree gazebo.

Lotus pond
A worker waters near several lotus ponds.

Harp bridge
Harpstrings are the only thing holding this bridge up! Well, that and the anti-gravity candy preservers.

Red plumeria.

A parageese! Out for their daily constitution.

One beak among them
Extraordinary, one of them has a beak!

Goose bouquet