Love Letters

Rambutan fruits bought at the ferry port.

Invisible wasp
This is actually a picture of an invisible wasp.
But what you see is a sort of bottlebrush.

My good friend Addy and I on a stroll through XiaDa campus.
My mouth is shaped around the last syllable of:
"Why does everyone have to do that two finger thing?"

Sunlit gate
Gate of a professor's house.

Balcony fashio
All the latest in balcony fashion!

Monk at lake
Monk at the lake hidden up on XiaDa campus.

Molly at lake
A beautiful place for reading, writing, fishing, and uh... being dorky.

Outside of apartment
Our flat from the outside. My bedroom has the white curtain drawn.

NOT return addresses
Love letter envelopes-- please note that NONE OF THAT is my return address.
(Sorry for the confusion, Zooko.)

Writing letters in a cafe
It was such a wonderful project to work on! Here in Brown Sugar Cafe.

Bed of letters
Most of the letters lined up on my bed of -3 hardness.

Some of the obverses.

And that spells "love"!

English contest winners
The winners of the English competition I judged on my journey to Ri Yue Gu.

Camel front
I wasn't kidding about the bactrian camel and the gyspy wagon.

Camel back
Photographic evidence!