Celebrations: Plays and Parties

Big red drum
Yingcai's anniversary celebrations involved much fanfare.

Filling in
The first graders are starting to fill in their rows.

Standing in line can be so HILARIOUS! Except when it's not. Victory fingers anyway!

Pointy-Hat Club
YAR! One of the Pointy-Hat Club kids points his pointy-hat at me.
Haberdashing young gent.

First graders
Another one of my six classes of first graders.

Wrong seat!
"HEY, he's not sitting in the right plaaace! Teacher!!"

Seated Pointy-Hat Club kids
The Pointy-Hat Club kids take their seats.

Pretty-Hat Club girl
Pointy-Hats drool, Pretty-Hats rule!

Queen for the school play, "The Emperor's New Clothes" for which they tailor made that dress.
Yellow is definitely my colour... for something. But maybe not for putting against my skin.
.:rolls jaundiced eyes:.

Mei and Millie
Mei and Millie, lovely as always, are all dressed up and ready for their musical number.

Eyelid colourizing
Mei attends in-real-life to the play Queen, applying eyelid colourizers.

Traditional costumes
Boys, adorable in "traditional" costumes.

Christmas Eve dinner
Christmas Eve dinner with Mr. Bond (teacher) Mr. Gao (our boss), and Tina.
Mitch and I got to host a fancy meal in a restaurant with live music and a shark tank.

Christmas dinner
Christmas Dinner with friends. From left to right:
Jenny: "This turkey looks absolutely delish!"
Jessica: "Where's the vegetarian stuffing I just set down here?"
Tina: "Mmm, everything looks so good."
Mitch: "Here, you're supposed to pour the gravy over EVERYTHING!"
Robert: "Mmmnrphmmnomnomnom."

Secret Santa time! Jerry tries to bogart the champagne while Robert picks the "gift" I brought.

Red reaches for the gift I had my eye on. Oh yes, Red, it /will/ be mine.
And Todd, no amount of sticking it down your pants was going to hold me back.

Bonfire on the beach for Western New Year's Eve.

Hell money
Exhausted hand-held firecrackers and the burning of hell money for good luck.

Incense sticks blaze up and curl away instantly in the intense heat.