Things of Beauty Around the House

Dear lord, the boy has an enviable snock collection. And I thought /I/ had a snock problem.
Though he appears completely snockered, he actually needs more socks.
Please send them care of me... as China is fresh out. That's right, meiyou wadzi.
And if these hang out for much longer, he might be out a radioactive pirate pair.

Model celestial system with fruiting bodies. Yellow giant is a jackfruit.
Red dwarves are hawthorne fruits. Guava, mandarin, mangosteen, and passionfruit gravitationally entangled.

Jackfruit cleavage
Gratuitous cleavage shot, cleaving unto the jackfruit.

Pulp porn
Pure fruit pulp pornography-- jackfruit (boloumi) and passionfruit (baixianggua).

As if it needs qualification from a caption.

Morning lily
Lily in the morning sunlight.

Afternoon lily
Lily in the late afternoon.

Sunset lily
Lilies at sunset.

Tea table
Our tea table, with drain and all the accoutrements.

Chinese-style hacky sack, fletched and weighted with metal discs.

My hulusi, a reed wind instrument with a drone, made of bamboo and gourd.

Newly-discovered fruiting body, the jidangua, chicken egg fruit. (Asunder)

Last four mao
I spent my last four mao on these four strawberries. Go go gadget pay-day.
Note to self: pay telephone card.

Cheese chess
For my Idea Bear <3
Cheese Chess and Checker Crackers, though no chess was played in the making of this set.
My hand was shaking too hard with the excitement of having found cheese in China.
When made properly, these will be carved more aesthetically.

Lichi and babe
Lichi and her newborn baby girl.

Lichi and babe close-up
Her name shall be Ke Han, though she considered my suggestion of Ke Ri Na.

Three generations
Three generations.

My scarf
And here is a picture of my first scarf. It's quite lovely, really.
Also in this picture, happens to be a newborn tied up with string.
She is my god-daughter. We will learn Chinese together, and I shall jiao her some yingwen.