Yunnan: Kowloon to Kunming

Kowloon before noon
Per prophesy, I met Trevor in Kowloon before high noon, five days after the full moon.
(With permission to disclothes the origins of his hand-me-over arrival costume components)
Hat- Jamie Jack, Hoodie- Molly in Mexico, Backpack- Edie Stone (originally for Harper),
Programming pants- (automatic pants), Shoes- Army Surplus Faeries during high school.
Tres chic! So fuzzy! *twirl, wriggle, swoon*!

Fowl in bird park
One of the many birds befowling the park.

Britannical signage
So-o-o Britlandish.
A uniformed authority figure really ought to stand by this with a suede flogger.

Dumb tree
Nothing abnormal is going on here. Just move along.

Kitten on stool
Cat on a stool guards a magazine stand just off of Nathan Road.

Incense coils
Incense coils strung up at an old temple maintained among modern buildings.

Incense coils smoking
We leave dusted in ash, our lungs full of holy smokes!

If this fruit-minding cat appears perplexed, it may be due to
the logic problem surrounding him. The apples are in the box labelled
"table grapes" while a mix of apples and oranges are labelled "apples"
and the box marked with apples and oranges contains cherries. What is
the missing label on the box of oranges? Hint: there are no table grapes.

Puer tea
Puer tea leaf blocks in a tea shoppe in Kunming.

Nomming fruit on a stick
Trevorberry casts a spell of nomnomnomCHOMPsky with his wand of +5 fruit.

Cuter than a pig's snout
This is as cute as a dried pig snout on a spreader is going to get.

Carnival of carnage.

Auspiciously-shaped dead duck
My, what an auspiciously-shaped dead duck dingle-dangle!

Bad ducks
Bad ducks go to hell.

Crucified ducks
Nothing screams "FESTIVE!" like a crucified duck.

Avian revenge
Avian revenge in the park across from the market. *kersplat*

Hitchcockian hurricane
Hitchcockian hurricane of reasonable frightfulness.
(Avian flu: DO NOT WANT!)