Yunnan: Kunming Taoist Temples

Kunming western mountains
Near the top of the western slopes outside Kunming.

Lunch ingredients
Mysterious lunch ingredients in buckets. Blossoms?

Pagoda front
Pagoda at the base of the Dragon Gate area cliffs.

Pagoda detail
Detail of painted wooden pagoda.

Pagoda back
Back side of pagoda.

View of lake
The lake just outside of the city of Kunming.
There is a... lake... in the middle of the lake.
A lake within a lake! A feint within a feint!!!

God of angry brandishment
God of Angry Brandishment brandishes what appears to be... a tasty fruit skewer?

Corner detail
Detail of temple corner.

God of quiet restrainment
God of Quiet Restrainment is probably fantasizing about brandishing fruit skewers.
In psychology this is referred to as "projecting". But also brandishing, please?


God of multi-tasking
The God of Efficient Multi-tasking balances
the Yin of quantity with the Yang of quality.

Multi-tasking meditation
I heard Shakti was *pissed* and Shiva's coming to get Durga's arms back.
Something about copyright infringment, though Durga's agents were... "inaccessible" for comment.

Miniature dragon smiting
And thus, with a buggy-eyed crazy stare, was the last minature dragon smitten.

I have a banana! *some fear*
"I have a banana!!!" *some fear*

No striding
Please, no striding off the vertical cliff face.

Cliff face
Dragon Gate, perched in a cleft in the cliff face.

Hippy god
This was totally designed and maintained by hippies.

Dragon Gate against the sky.

Streamer dancing!
God of Olympic Synchronized Aquatic Streamer Dancing is ready for Beijing 2008.

Upper niche
Upper niche in cliff face above the Dragon Gate.

I-Ching dude is looking rather Moses-esque for his Rasta backdrop.

Tree-gazebo skyline
You must face the strangely-shaped tree alone.