Yunnan: Dali Old City

City wall at night
City wall of Dali, illuminated at night.

Trevor in doorway
Trevor in the doorway of a small store. Most buildings have such handcarved doors.

Menu diorama
Local restaurants display their victuals in live menu-dioramas.

Outboard motor
Trucks in the province commonly have an outboard motor which is started with a hand crank.
One of Trevor's hobbies in Yunnan was being in my pictures.

Hi, I'm Bai!
Outside the city gates, young Han women dress up in local garb and pretend to be Bai.
"Hiiii, I'm Bai!" *eyebrow raise*

City wall against mountains
Dali old city wall against the snowy mountains.

A man and his sheep
Aww. A man, his sheepish friend, and his festooned cart.
He's perhaps trying to protect his darling from unpaid photographs,
not realizing he is providing an improved, different sort of photograph.

Auspicious water feature
A water feature along one of the many canals.

Child with hulusi
A child with a hulusi (bamboo-gourd reeded minority instrument).

I think this store might sell tie-dye. Tie-dye-orama!

Oldtown pagoda
Pagoda towards the center of the old town.

Puppy in a box
This is a picture of a puppy in a box.
What city tour is complete without a picture of a puppy?

Students in street
Students on lunch break walk down the street.

Study in blue
Study in blue.
Girls lined up to buy milk tea or fruit drinks.

Street scene
You can see grass growing from the rooves.

This seemed within the scope of normal until just now as I was sizing these photos.
And suddenly it hit me with its hilarity, taken straight out of a probable scene from my childhood.
(My mom hollering at me from the house) "MOLLY WHY AREN'T YOU DOING THE DISHES?!"
(Me yelling back from the goat pen) "I CAN'T; I'M BUSY HANGING UP MY SEAWEED!"
Great. Now I am incapable of seeing this photo without laughing myself silly.
Surprise! That doesn't take long.

Marble circle
The natural complexity of marble slabs are used as simply elegant gate decorations.