Yunnan: Dali Bike Ride

Bike ride
Setting out for a bikykle ride into the countryside.

Standing stones
Standing stones along the highway out of town.

Bucket keeper
Basalty beast bitterly guards teh bukkit.
Stay your lower lip and stop quivering; you mayn't have it.

Junkyard demons
Junkyard demons snarl over stone scraps.

Through vegetable fields
Bicycling through paddies-- one of the many things I desired to do in China... fulfilled.

Beside the lake to the east of Dali Old City.

House on lake
A home between the lake, a pond, and a canal.

Cactus and lake
An odd place for a cactus.

Power lines
The strange placement of these wires by the lake, in contrast, I accept unquestioningly.

Trevor beside the lake
Trevor surveys the lake, village in foreground, snowy mountains in background.
Bicycle awaits stage right.

Puppy in the road
A puppy trots along a village road.
On the left, across the canal, lives a friendly 14-year-old boy.

Vegetable lady
A woman balances heavy vegetables on a bamboo shoulder bar.

Dilapidated deadifice.

Rascals on doorstep
These rascals jeered and cutely threw rocks at our wheels.
The boy in pink was constantly running.

Rascal in doorway
He probably lives in the house behind this portal.

Private gate
Another private gate marking the end of the alley.

Locals weeding the vegetable paddies in the late afternoon, as we return to Dali Old City.

Chop carving
Back in town, we bought chops from an officious boy whose dad carved our names into them.