Yunnan: Shuhe

AAAA tourist attraction
Near the entrance to the AAAA grade tourist attraction.
Shuhe is a small old city a ten minute drive from Lijiang.

Rice eater
A little kid wields chopsticks and a rice bowl.

Wei Wei and me
Wei Wei is a really cool artist originally from Inner Mongolia but lately from Xiamen.
She had been visiting friends in Shuhe for the last month, so we came to co-visit.

A pony-- nay, a horse.

Structure supports
These posts served as supports for temporary housing way back when.

Bridge stones
The stones on the bridge have been polished smooth from 800 years of use.

Ya liubliu shishku! Also, I miss studying Russian.

Yarrr capt'n!
"AHOOOYY CAAAPT'N, do that tharrr be laaand hooo I be aspyin'?!"
"Avast, ye scurvy dog! Cease yer barkin' an' run up tha mainsels,
or I'll be sendin' ya ta Daibi Jianzi's Cantonese meat locker!"

Ahoy matey!
He's so husky, commanding, and alert. Ay, a fine captain!

Canal source
The sparkling canals bubbling through town have their origin at this waterway.
It is deep and clear, hosting algae, fish, and a chorus of mystical echoes.

Wei Wei in sunshine
Wei Wei in sunglight with a puppy in a corduroy hoodie.

Requisite puppy pic
Obligatory puppy picture. Spots of tea and sunshine cheer him up.

Candid portrait
Candid shot of old men bench-keeping.

Portrait with permission
Portrait with permission. Notice how many people left the bench.

Shi San and fire
Drumming, Drinking, and Dancing with Shi San, a Tibetan friend.
His is the house of fire and music.

Shi San and horns
Shi San is sure rocking those horns behind him.

Sexxy hair
When he takes of his glasses, Shi San reveals that he has lovely eyes.
When his hair is lifted up, it is revealed that Trevor indeed has a neck.