Yunnan: Tiger Leaping Gorge

Base elevation
Our two intrepid travelers at base elevation as they begin their trek.

Just above the chattering river, which shall shortly shrink and hush to less sibilant silver ribbons.

River twist
Confluence near the trailhead.

Canon moment
Pausing for a Canon(tm) moment.

Not Peru
Note to self: This is *not* Peru.

Coffee advert
Straight out of a coffee commercial.
(A coffee advert with three Lutheran English-teacher tourists in it).
A couple of men with a horse and burriquito kept hoping (fruitlessly) that we'd tire of walking.

Trevor brought an ocarina to China.
I would make more fun of his packing priorities
if it weren't kinda groovy, and hadn't pleased him so mightily...
and if I hadn't've accidentally brought a musical instrument to China as well.
(Oh hey Colette, your harmonica's in China, kthx!)

Tired horse
The horse that preambled ahead of us looked rather initially rundown.
Aaron "McAdorable" McDavid, because you always *get* it, I wroted you a proem:

introductory essay
(words before more words).

u can has haikoo!

Fine day
We really enjoyed some fine weather, bright and brisk.
[Edit: Removed sestina written in LOLspeak.]

Through pines
Vista through the pine-lines.
[Edit: These aren't actually edits, and there was no LOLspeak sestina]
Hgngh! (But I wonder if you aren't just a skosh disappointed.)

Halfway: a pretty darned good location.

Roseate evening
Roseate sunset against the mountains.

Sunrise at Teahorse
A magnificent sunrise over the Teahorse Guesthouse.

A masturbating monkey.
Right in the middle of a dozen ethereal sunrise shots.

Back to that gorgeous sunrise.

Some general goatiness.

A haystack and vista.

A Trevorstack and vista.

Rising fog
Fog lifting up from the river.

Vista with pine tree.
[Actual Edit: removed an exegesis on _The Entire Internet_ detailing
important time management lessons learned while googlewhacking]
^--Truuuue story!

Waterfall over trail
This waterfall runs right across our trail, which you can see as a line
sloping up to the right near the middle of the frame.

Looking up at the cascade as it crashes at our feet.

A temple along the way.

I am so grateful to be able to walk up a mountain like this.

Stony slope
A rocky slope, whereon, I do recall, Trevor Keir MacFergus Stone left every stone unpunned.

WTF attraction?
On the ride back to Lijiang, we stopped at this...
concretion of rocks and ribbons?
A tourist attraction, maybe. "Maybe."

Scenic spot
The gaudy portal opened into a worthwhile view.

Conclusion to our Tiger Licking Good adventures as we head back to Lijiang.