Yunnan: Lijiang

Morning stirring
People beginning to move about Lijiang old town in the morning.

Snow Jade Dragon Mountain
Snow Jade Dragon Mountain glitters above Lijiang.

Still Alive with Chicken and Naxi Carrying Basket. (Memento Mori)

Naxi women buy and sell vegetables in the old town market.
While quite touristed, this old town is still very authentic and lived-in.

They wouldn't feel so tough if they weren't safe up in their roof clubhouse.
Shaddup an' go back to your cigars and poker game.

Puppy fresh
Ahh, nothing says "fresh" quite like puppy breath after a hot shower.

One of the myriad canals between buildings.

Dancing with Kofi, a highlight from a morning spent dingle-dangle shopping.

City market
Colourful city market at the edge of the old town and new city.

Scowling cat
A surly cat scowling from a window ledge.

Quiet road
Snow Jade Dragon Mountain seen from a quiet old town road.

Cloud eagle
An eagle-shaped cloud drifts above a schoolyard gate.

Old town typical carved wooden doors and windows.

Lanterned doorway
A proliferation of red lanterns for the new year.

New Years Eve dinner
At Mama Naxi's for a special Chinese New Year's Eve dinner.
We sat with some well-met vegetarian friends and enjoyed tasty auspicious round things.

With Mama Naxi herself. If you ever go to Lijiang, you MUST stay with her.
Maaaamaa! Trevor's always getting in my pictures, tell him to stooop!
(Q: Are we inebriated or sunburnt? A: Yes.)