Yunnan: Jinghong, Xishuangbanna

Stair monster
Monstairs at a Buddhist temple in downtown Jinghong.

Monster eat monster
It's a monster-eat-monster world out there.

Temple roofline
Temple roofline with long, sharp, pointy teeth!

Quixotic quintet
The quixotic quintet of Lutheran English-teacher tourists met in Lijiang.
They each have a letter pendant to spell M-A-R-G-O, the name of the girl on the left.

Jungle roof
A temple roofline emerges from the junglesque foliage.

Fruit market
Fruit market with tropical profferings and *a new fruit*!

New fruit
Salacca edulis, called salak or snakefruit.

Kettle o' koi.

Bougainvillea gradations at the Jinghong Botanical Gardens.

Below, track trellis over Frangipani tree.
Track trellis

Frangipani tree
Frangipani, more commonly known as plumeria.

Fractal track
Fractal bracts and tracks.

Coffee blossoms
Coffee blossoms.

Trevor amidst the landing of motherships.

Flower face
Welcoming committee.

Jackfruit tree with fruits at various stages of maturity.
At up to 40 kg each, the jackfruit is the world's largest tree fruit.

Stand of trees
A stand of trees valiantly attempts to polarize afternoon light.

Bougainvillea leaves
Multicoloured bougainvillea leaves scattered where they fell.

Garden reflection
Late afternoon reflections.

Powerful sunset
Powerful sunset.