South Putuo Temple

Roof-line inside the temple gates.

Pagoda with four Buddhas.



Dragon entangled with boogahnveeleeyah.

More clearly a dragon.

Woman with joss stick at the end of the incense circuit.

"It has become a perfect axample that embodies natural sceney and cultural heritage, boasting many grotesque rock Fomations..."

Rows of statues in niches under a rock overhang.

You know, most all of these photos don't need captions.

But I'll put them here just the same.

And the bits about the LOLcats...

I only do it to amuse Worldnamer et al. and annoy JGW.

It's pretty neat how people put the sticks against the rocks, though.

Many are more than a few. Deep insights brought to you by a character for yi.

Chinese graffiti... different.