Yunnan: Damenglong, Xishuangbanna

Stupa just above the town of Damenglong.

Stupa dog house
Baby stupa dog house.

Temple interior
Temple altar with a slew of handmade prayer banners on the right.

Temple exterior
Back side of the temple through banana leaves.

The Nine
Of Clubs
The most involved card trick ever.
Materials needed: an entire hillside covered with umpteen cards that have committed seppuku.

Meditation moment
Moment of meditation looking over the fields to the north and east.

Path to black pagoda
It's easy to find the Right Path up to the Black Pagoda.

Robotic soda-lime-silica model of a glasshopper.

Stupa monsters
Dragons guard the Black Pagoda, which, despite its name, is golden.

Reclining Buddha
Droopy Buddha needs a nappy-poo before he gets cranky.

Black stupa
Heighty view of the Black Pagoda.

Crack in the wall
A captivating crack in the wall.

Cute roof monster
Enchanting roof monster against the pagoda spire.

Baby Buddha and Goth Buddha sit in sublime silence on a dusty dock.

Stupa love
Stupa love.

Magic trick
Fallen roofline dragons, and if you look closely,
PRESTO! the nine of clubs.

Mirrored wheel
The mirror in the triangle reflects the viewer at heart-level.

Rice paddies
A womans walks through the rice paddies.

Up the road
Up the road from Damenglong, we are looking for the White Bamboo Shoot Pagoda.

Fancy roofline
We think we may have found it when we see this fancy roofline.

Temple cleaning
But it is a temple that the town elders are cleaning.

Monks on a motorcycle
Monks on a motorcycle! Nice fold line for a cover for something.

The Right place
Up the road further we come across yet another temple.

Colourful roofline
Even though it wasn't the one we were looking for, I decided that we had found it.

Small moat surrounding a temple out-building.

Turtles all the way down
Dragons and turtles all the way down.
Glimpsed here is the monk we spent the afternoon talking with
and his mom, in blue, who made us lunch from temple offerings.

Rice and banana plantations
Fringed banana plants hem in the rice patches.

Rice paddy terraces
Rice terraces near a banana plantation.

Jungle Bungalow
Jungle bungalow.