Guangxi: Yangshuo

Gauntlet of kitch
To get from the dock to Yangshuo, one must walk through the Gauntlet of Kitch.

Kitch. Interesting, though.

Flautist on street
Flautist peddling his wares on the street.

Urban reflection
Urban reflections in downtown Yangshuo.

Trevor yinyang
Trevor, reflected at the start of the second line in a stony yinyang haiku.
*NEW* This caption now with 50% MORE cliches!!!

Trevor walking
On a kick with reflection pics.

Waterfall house
Waterfall house on the riverbank.

Carding the touts
At the riverside, "carding" the boat touts with a Chinese playing card.
It was rather amusing as it worked to keep people at bay when I'd flash it at them.
I realized later, the card I held was a capital four, pronounced "si," which also means "death."

Valentines view
Valentine's day on the Li River.

Valentines pagoda
Another furtive couple on Ching Ren Jie (Valentine's) Day.

A different sort of hacking
Trevor The Programmer tries his skills at a different sort of hacking.

Minnie Mao's
Man smoking a cigarette in the red light of Minnie Mao's restaurant.

Study in red
Study in Red.

Chopsticks kitty
Why yes, I *can* use chopsticks, thanks for asking.

Lantern strings
Strings of lanterns hanging from trees over a bridge.

River rafting
Going on a jaunt down the river, this time on a bamboo raft, sans others.

Pointed peak
Pointed peaks and distorted reflections.

Rafting man
Overtaking a man on a similar raft.

River blot test #1
River blot test the first.

Loading dock
I'm not positive, but this looks to have been a factorial port integral to the economy,
though now it's surely just a fraction of what it was, and used at indefinite intervals.

Around the bend
We'll take one last bend before turning back against the current.

River blot test #2
River blot test the second.
Hrrm, your identification of a supine woman is persuasive.
But no, I think it's just karst.

Sundown, fog up
As the sun goes down and the fog comes up,
bats poke holes in the sky and drain out the colour.

Fade to black
Gloaming fades to black as we pole back to the city.