Guangxi: Yangshuo and Back

On a bike trip outside of Yangshuo, we discover a natural karst formation.
It's so unusual, it almost looks like some sort of insect, perhaps. "Maybe."

How's *that* for some challenging farmland?

Country house
Modest country house and man walking home.

Abode with grinder
Adobe abode with a grinder on the roof.

Abode with jalopy
House made from brick is slightly more Big-Bad-Wolf-proof.
Notice the huffing and puffing damage on the corner of the adobe abode.

Country bridge
Country bridge and unused bamboo rafts during the off-season.

Travel yinyang
Transportation yinyang. There! I've said "yinyang" again!
But really, the balance, I... I had to.
Either that or a bicycle fulcrum below an invisible lever.

Moon arch
Moon Hill is a pleasant stair climb up among the pinnacles of karst.
As your position changes, the arch appears to be a full, half, or crescent moon.

Moon with trees
Moon Hill with trees.

Moon through bamboo
Bamboo leaves overlay the moon arch.

Green fringes
Foliage fringes the view of surrounding townships and a sea of karst ripples.
A hot air balloon bobs, anchored to the ground.

Arch at the top, featuring stalactites.

Arch with Trevor
Stalactites and Trevor's hat fringe fit together like Stone gears on the Mayan calendar.

One with karst
Trevor blending in with the stones at the top of the peak above the moon arch.

Karst close-up
Close-up of karst.

Trevor at the top
The end of our Yunnan-Guangxi adventure drawing nigh.

An American geography lesson
Back in Xiamen, Trevor gives an American geography lesson to our kids.
His free-hand rendition of all the border bumps and country curves
ingrained in his brain, is quite impressive to say the least.

Improbable Scrabble(tm)
I can explain.
We curtailed all the "N" bogarting by breaking names down into syllables.
PANCAKE *had* to go through XISHUANGBANNA because of "Xishuangbananapancake."
TIGER, LEAPING, and GORGE had to go together, of course.
PYTHON because we were talking a lot about programming the whole trip.
The debacle on the midleft because the J, Z, X, Q, and V were pretty like that.
WU JIAO and FEN were cheap plays (worth about eight cents) and ZI was one of the
first characters that Trevor learned to recognize. The rest is self-evident, no?
Why we didn't start at the center star is left as an exercise to the reader.

Octopus eats businessmen
And, as a parting image, a giant mecha-octopus devours unaware businessmen.
(Gulangyu island across the inlet from Xiamen island.)