How to Build a Dragon

Dragon building
Dragon building in Bai Lu Jiu Lu park.

Three dragons
Floats are built for the Lantern Festival celebrations.

Secret dragon
This is a secret picture of a dragon.
You have to use your Dragon Vision Goggles to see it.

Wire frame
Start with a wire frame and make a light bulb circuit.

Applying fabric
Then stretch fabric over the frame and sew it together real fast-like.

Maybe these are supposed to be rats for the Year of the Golden Rat.
Meh, just dragon fodder.

Cross-section of a dissected dragon belly.

The night before the big night!

Wildly-coloured reflections in the salt-water lake.

Finished installation
A completed installation from across the water.

Stars and loops
Detail of another finished creation.

The main centerpiece mini-labyrinth in the middle of the park.

Another view
Another view of the same.

Cloud dragon
Float after they turned the lights out for the night.