Wedding and a Walk in the Woods

Bride and groom
A fellow teacher, Cheng Fu Shan, invited us to her wedding.

Mitch grinning
Unfortunately, this grin doesn't accurately represent the funnitudinousness quotient of the evening.

Wedding cake tower
What an amazing cake, no? Correct, no.

Fake cake
The cake is a fake!
Just the portion of the ceremonial cutting is a sort of cake substance.
This is obviously an obscene female genitalia symbol to complement
the tower of glasses over which the groom vigourously shook a bottle of champagne.

Lake edge
On a completely different note, a walk around the hidden lake behind XiaDa campus.

Palms among stone slabs
Palm trees growing between old stone slabs.

Layers and stairs, climbing pathways.

Resting bench
A resting bench

Following the sunlit brick road.

Wild violets
Van, I found wild violets in China!
I ated one for you, even. >.> er, I really hope these are violets.

Grave marker
Diverging into the woods and wending through grave markers.

Dead ends don't always stop the living.

Forging through the forest, soft light brushing pine needles.

Angular growth
Cresting a hill for a view of the city through angled trees.

The hills are riddled with hidden army posts, feeding my irrational cautiousness to avoid landmines.

The more obvious entrance.

Tended tombs extending into the botanic gardens, into which it appears I have snuck.

Center clefts
City seen from between clefts.

Angiosperm silhouettes
Angiosperm silhouettes towards sunset.

Sprung out all pink
A sloshing splash of pink indicators suggest that spring sprang.