Hulishan Temple and Baicheng Beach

Fire prayers
Burning gilded papers for luck, etc.

Burning joss
When petitioning Buddha for all that you desire, please include:
1) What you want 2) Your name 3) AND ADDRESS!
(Apparently he's not like Santa and telemarketers, dailed in to non-public information.)
So I haven't been leaving my address, or name... or asking for anything.
I thought one of the precepts of Buddhism was letting go of desire. So...
Though I might be "doing it wrong", I don't feel like I'm doing it wrong.

Bored Buddha
"Uh huh, so you want a pony, and some legos," *yawn* "yeah, sure, just... leave your address."

Auspicious round things
Trevor, I hope this fulfills the requirements for "pictures of round things."
If so, only 87 more to go!

Prayer flags
The Chinese version of prayer flags.

People and flags
Prayer flag vignette between thorn trees.

N-, these are the most likely characters for "Nan Shan" (minus the Lu).

Weiwei and Jiujiu
Wei Wei and Jiu Jiu on Baicheng beach just across the street from where I live.
Nicholas, these photos were taken the day I promised, even though it was drab out.

The roads near Baicheng make creative use of the oceanfront.

Ouh colour! Bougainvillea sepals.

Looking east
Sea wall, looking easterly.

Looking west
Spray in the opposite direction.

Flower of a different colour
Now /there's/ a flower of a different colour!

Rollercoaster on-ramps
Roller coaster on- and off-ramps arcing out over the ocean.

So these two rocks were out on the beach and suddenly one roiled up and nudged the other.
I didn't overhear anything, but it seemed kind of aggressive. I mean, for a rock and all.

Stairway stone
Stairway stone at low tide.

Kite and collies
I rescued a kite from the waves, untangled it, and beamed at my bright acquisition.
But while I was casually walking along, a huge collie gallomphed up and snagged it from me,
snapping it away and threatening me with its uncannily pointed snout.
Then it ran circles around this other giant collie until the second got really jealous
and lunged to ferociously tear at it. While they were ripping it apart,
I took this photo, just in case you didn't believe me.
The only thing I salvaged was the kite tail which I used to hang:

Triangle dangle
A triangle dangle I fabricated for Mitch's birthday present.
I also gave him a painted egg in celebration of his ovaphobia,
and also because, as a birthday gift, a boiled egg is hard to beat.

Predictably, I have paper crafts littering my desk. Hey, wait a minute...

This lil hamster is so scrumptious, I have to be careful not to put him in my mouth
and crunch done real hard while I'm petting him silly.
(He lives in our classroom, hidden away by a certain secret student.)