In Search of Butterflies

Estar de glorias
A walk on a glorious afternoon away from school, in search of butterflies.

Glory hole
Peeking, ducking back into greens and enwrappings. With plum sauce.

Make shroom
Large stone mushroom.

Ants on fancy miniscule flowers.

A lipstick-like plant. Anyone recognize it?

Grass pom
It appears they planted this grass in a carved niche in the fake rock face.

Buddha on Wen Ping Lu
A Buddha made out of fake stone along the road over the south-central hills.

Suspicious scenery
Now I'm distrustfully eyeing all suspicious scenery. Is this natural?

Candy-striped lilies volunteering outside the local scenic spot.

Shoe spectrum
Shoe spectroscopy.

Vectors for directional shoddin' troddin'.

Shoe table
Shoe table related to previous shoe graphs.

Familiar back yard
Someone's back yard reminds me of Mendo-land.

Extreme caution
Practice extreme caution around wicked bonzais and their tricky witchery!

"Schnell wie SCHNEKE!" (Wie Maia es immer gesacht hatte!)

Da schnail ish sho cute, wanna lick it!

Bush giraffes
Tugging on a bush giraffe tail.

House foundation
Homestead on a hill where only a foundation and some tombs remain.

Yes, this is still Xiamen, off-trail in the central hills.

Finding a trail that leads... somewhere... past poised stones.

This is a picture of the sound of a frog.
It might be hard to see, because he is using a croak of invisibility.

Emerging from the trees, stumbling upon a misplaced building.
Oh so /this/ is where they left it.

Fresh road
Descending the cliff on a raw trail that ends abruptly in a bamboo bracken,
through which I forge, sliding down to the edge of a highway. A fine walk!

No explanation offered
(No explanation offered.)