Zhangzhou: Volcanic Island

Volcaic tidepools
Volcanic tidepools.

Sea staircase
Staircase to the sea.

Water and stone
Water and stone on the volcanic island.

Titty twister
Pock-marked rocks near the recently-dubbed "Titty Twister Stone"
...this park is no longer rated PG-13.

Fairie vortex
Fairie vortex?

Mais non, zey are bubbles!

And zey are tourists!

Apple on the rocks
Apple on the rocks.

Dominik as "Kliffhanger!"

Three seals rock
The recently-named Three Seals Rock.

Newly discovered (and ferocious) bambooterpillar.

Stones and sea
Stones and sea.

Standing on standing stones by the sea,
but are there two or are there three?

Stone pillars
Outcropping of stone pillars.

Gimme a ciggie
This little boy looks like he needs a cigarette. Start 'em young.

Buttock rock
For science! No-- for art! For comparison's sake, please note the similarity
between the newly-named Buttock Rock and Dennis's derrière.

Green whorls
Green whorls.

Fetching dress
Lady in a fetching dress at the top of a hill with Zhangzhou island in view.

Standing alone
Standing alone, pretty as a picture.

Door not opened
The door not opened.

Bucket vignette
Vignette with bucket and chrysanthemums.

Volcanic craters
Volcanic craters.

Crater close-up
Close-up of crater.

Lava shoreline
Looking upon a lava shoreline.

Spillion bubbles
A spillion little bubbles in billed coca cola.