Zhangzhou: Photosynthesis

Hideous construction
I passed this hideous monstrosity five times before I could bear to photograph it.
I couldn't possibly get any closer to it than this.

There floors cockloft
Erm... cockloft? And yes, the quietness is indeed disturbed.
Another stunning example of why we need to protect Chinglish as a distinguished art form.

Long life stone
Quoted from signage: "Left Increased Longevity
The huge stones can be "long life stone".They lean
each other to be thread scenery.It was ever built by w-
orkers,while a coincidence is existence between the nature
and artificial work.Though it is built by works,we can say
it is made by the hands of nature.Anybody who p-
ass through the hole can get more long lifetime,so it is ca-
lled "long lfie stone""

So wait, even though the Long Life Stones are man-made constructions, we can still call them natural
because mankind is natural? (Fourth-grade flashback: When you call me a jerk, you are really telling
me I'm beautiful. Because a jerk's a tug, a tug's a boat, a boat sails on water, water's nature, and
nature's beautiful! Yay sillygisms!)

Cockloft view
View from the... cockloft. Yes, from the There Floor of the Cockloft.

Other direction
View from the Cockloft in the other direction.

Der Strand striations.

Sea farm
Farming the sea.

Three layers of banisters inside the Cockloft.

Sweet weeds
A sweet weed detail.

Grass pompom
Pompom of grasses at the edge of a cliff.

Berries! Eyes like a hawk purple honeyeater. No, like an azure-rumped tanager!

Brick-saw puzzle
Workers putting together a brick-saw puzzle.

Vestal forest
Vestal forest.

Mired rhino porn
Two girls pose with parasols astride a mired rhinoceros.

Rhino cyber
.::I lower my horn and flare my nostrils while you put on your cape and wizard hat::.
.::As I wrinkle my snout, I realize I've lost half of my horniness, srykbai::.

Ernest and Apple conversing.

Fu symbol on a door for good luck in happiness. It is upside down to elude detection by
malicious monsters who would take pleaure in bringing the opposite.

Disconsolately flinging sand
Tommy disconsolately flings sand while the others,
who have not gone and stepped on nails, happily play with a jianzi.

Jianzi batting
Batting at a jianzi with their hands instead of using feet.
Sinisterly to dexterously: Manuela, Dennis, Veronica, Lisa, and Dee.

Self portrait in sun
Self-portrait after oceaning in the sun. Happy happy.

Other people who have not stepped on nails also play futbol on the Strand.
Carl, Dominik, and Moritz playing their version of das Beachball.

Bamboozling perspectives.

Heart-shaped stump
Heart-shaped stump.

Door detail
Ke bu keyi kai le? Wo yao kan yi xiaaaa!

Real volcano in distance.
Wow, these are obviously baobob trees with an actual volcano in the background.

Real volcanic rocks
And these are real rocks!
And if you believe that, I have a camel made out of seashells that I'd like to sell you.

Fabrication admission
We regret to inform you that this whole park, including everything you saw--
right down to the details on the weeds, was meticulously created by hand by the Chinese army,
who have a post on the island and stop tourists from going beyond the point of scenic fabrication.