Street Scenes

Grating gradients
Grating gradients.
Wandering though alleys behind Zhong Shan Lu for a glimpse of hidden inner-city Xiamen.

Blue shoes
Matching window accessories

Two plants
Two plants.

Mirror balls
Mirror balls.

Misjudged walls
Misjudged walls.

Architectural strata
Architectural strata.

Spot of children
Two children bring a modicum of brightness to an otherwise dreary street-scape.
She is watching men add layers of bricks to yet another wall in a cleft.

Skyrise behind
Skyrise behind alley buildings.

Orderly grid
Orderly grid.

Lax checkers
Lax checkers.

Cardboard to recycle
Cardboard to recycle.

Mundane intersection
Mundane intersection.

Basket stacks
Basket stacks.

Canine kiss
Canine kiss.

Flight of fantasy.
Woman napping in shade from the noonday sun watches over jailed birds from her dreams.

Sitting ducks
Sitting ducks in a basket.

Chinese poker
Playing Chinese poker on the sidewalk.

Local playing cards
A local variation of playing cards.

Card concentration
Card concentration.

New world order
New world order.

Round round shiny shiny
Store front display on Zhong Shan Lu.
Round /and/ shiny! *Corvid cackle*

Mannikin revenge
Creeping mannikin revenge-- going for the ankles.