Up a Mountain Road: Hither

Mmmorning glories
Morning glories.

Butterfly on leaf on grass
Butterfly on leaf on grass.
As with 99% of my posted China pics, this is not cropped or altered other than sizing.
But if I were a proper goat, I'd totally crop this.
Probably down to about a quarter-inch stubble.

Open and closed
Open and closed.

Ellipse around the two determination points.

Lambda null
Lambda null.

MOARning glories
But... these are /different/ ones.
MOARning glories!
Okay, okay, we wander up the road now.

Wild Gardenias!
No, no, you couldn't possibly understand.
Allow me to try and clarify that a little: WILD GARDENIAS!!!
Here, try pressing your nose up against your monitor.

Mountain makeover
Natural mountain on right.
Mountain with complete artificial make-over on left.

Still life with bicycle
Still life with bicycle.

Peacock near a deserted mountainside restaurant.

Insulater garland
Garland of insulators adorning a pole pile.

Rolling green hills
Rolling green hills of Presidente Tsingdao bottles... wtfever they drink here.

Verdant stacks
Verdant stacks.

Compulsive photo of round things
Compulsive photo of round things per Trevor's request.
s/per/as per ("as per" non-forgotten mockage)

Synthesis of rubbish
Synthesis of rubbish.