Zoo Excursion: On with the Show!

Lion and horse
A lion rides a horse galloping around the ring.

Monkey and goat
A monkey
does a hand-stand
on top of a goat
on top of a disc
on top of a thin metal strip
balanced between two ladders.

Lewis with tiger
Lewis straddles a tiger for a photo op after the show.

Sophie astride tiger
Sophie calmly astride a tiger.
She had never before held or touched an animal,
and remains afraid of our class hamster.
The TIGER, however, didn't seem to phase her.

Ursine bicyclist
Ursine bicyclist stands for carrots in her paddock after the show.

Chicken sacrifice
This zoo is peculiar in that you can purchase another live animal to feed to the felines.
Here Alan dangles a sacrificial chicken over the awaiting tigers.

Attentive tiger
A tiger tenses attentively, eyes fixed on the tremble of human fingers and chicken claws.

Yah, kthxbai.

Albino tiger
Hey! How come the albino tiger didn't get any?

Hey! The lion wants some too!

This is a hibiscus flower. I know I've told you this before,
but these are edible, and if you are ever stranded on a tropical island,
don't discount the importance of scurvy prevention! Hibiscus is high in vitamin C
and flavinoids, and makes an excellent infusion when sun-dried.
Surprisingly sour as such, but when fresh, very mild mellow mallow-like flavour.
Also, if you wear them in your hair and bat your eyes alluringly,
I think it can really help with rescue efforts.

Zebra scritches
Alan and Paul scritch a zebra when we sneak back in the safari area.

Safari park
View of the safari park without kids.

Dust bath
Er, yes, the tour is over?
Busy taking my dust bath here. Kbai.

Paul and baby camel
Paul and the baby camel.
This is extra-cute because Paul's nickname is "the camel"
and here the baby seems to greet him like family.

Emu-ostrich-camel line-up.

Buck sets a while, chawing his cud.

Antler naps
Naps for the antlered.
I say, it's about time you all took off, eh?