Sherbert-coloured clusters
Strawberry-orange sherbet-coloured flowers, in blazing heat.

Honey bee
Weeee miiissezzz youuu, Joshiiiieeee!

Bumble bee
So far, we seem to be surviving the api-calypse.

Bug on a vine
Yup, macro still works.
Bug on a twined vine.

The sassy wild flutterby that totally snogged me.
Ravished my legs with butterfly kisses.

Squash tendrils
Curly squash tendrils. Squash leaves are delicious, sauteed with garlic and...
hey, just saying. (Blossoms and tendrils too.)

The Mollyflower next to mango blossoms between impatiens plants.
See? Both eyebrow caterpillars snugly in place.

Look! Another butterfly!

Awash in motes, taking a sunstream shower.

Pleasant snack
A pleasant snack.

Butterfly screen
Bounty of butterflies against the screen of an enclosure.

More butterflies!
More butterflies!

Not until you say "Uncle!"

Kiss goodbye
Kaykaykaykay, one last kiss goodbye.