Just Off Xiamen Streets

Towers at night
View from Mel's rooftop party.

Salon lecture
Hair salon attendants lined up on the sidewalk for a meeting.
More like, lined up to advertize what wonky hairdos they wreak on one another.

Bargaining monks
Monks haggling over bargain prices at a soon-to-be-demolished store.

Fashionable monks
Pseudomonks strutting down the street in a pack,
dressed in pseudomonk robes and wielding cell phones.

Forest monster
Forest monster likely has long, sharp, pointy teeth.

Forest monster face
The darling has a heart-shaped nose!

Overpass view
Snapshot from the school bus as we come off the main bridge.

Dream the forest electric
Pylons posing as pines.
I dream the forest electric!

Scenic rock construction
Caught in the act!
I've known for a long time now that many actual rocks along roadsides are
removed, and then carefully reconstructed to look like actual rocks.

Baby squirrel
Squuuuuiiiiil! It's a baby!
A guy was selling them as pets from his bicycle-mounted menagerie.

Opera dude taking a drag
Minnan-style opera player takes a drag from his fag
in preparation for rocking out on the sticks.

Erhu player
Accompanying streetside erhu player is not as blind as he would like to appear.

Subtle cameras
I don't know if you can tell from this photo, but there are actually
several cameras discretely mounted on this light pole. To the
untrained eye, it probably looks like a normal streetlamp, but
if you follow any one of the eight antennas downwards, you can
see a couple subtle cams pointed strategially at all passersby.

Overly-local cameras
This is one of the cameras located just outside my window.
Please compare it with a regular light pole next to it.

Black cat snoozing atop a double-hex-worth of locally-made brooms.

Yellow blooms in rain
Yellow blooms just after an evening rain.

Flambouyant tree on campus
Flowering Flambouyant tree on XiaDa campus, featuring new granite pavers.

Redecorating! Out with the vaguely venerable and in with the glaringly gauche.

KITTEHS! Two days old... been tracking their mother for a few months.

Kittens at one week
Kittens at the corner store weigh well over a pound together at one week old.