Friendly Faces

Acting out a graph
Davis, Johnny, Jack, and Alan acting out a graph segment.
(We get creative with our excuses for having class outside).

Alan teaching Mitch's visiting young uncle how to breakdance.

Stella and Cherry
Stella and Cherry at the school talent show.
Stella acted as usher and Cherry sang a beautiful song about a grandmother.

Paul, Lewis, Alan
Paul, Lewis, and Alan after their singing and dancing number in the talent show.
Tai shuai le!

With Sandy
With Sandy in a cafe after we had our hair washed at a salon.
Truly, it was barbaeric. Such a strange foreigner, doesn't want her hair dried!

Sandy and Luna
Sandy, Luna, and Sandy's cell phone's dingle-dangle monster.

Luna with spoon
Luna eyeing over her desert.

With Luna, smiling
With Luna, sweetly smiling.

With Luna, pouting
Some people think this pouty scowling look is endearing.

Long table
Paul, Johnny, Davis, and Cindy at a traditional restaurant for a birthday party.

Mouthing off
This is the professional way I act with my students outside of class.
Stephanie has a bowl over her face. She thinks it prevents her from being in the picture.

Sophie and sticky rice
Sophie contentedly contemplates the sticky rice mystery meat balls.

Catherine and Shelly
Catherine and Shelly are so stylish! Maybe!
This is why we keep them safely in uniforms at school.

Awen and Joe-Joe
Awen and his little dog Qiou-Qiou who I insist upon calling Joe-Joe.

My goddaughter Kehan. She's starting to babble now.

Awen, Liqi, and Kehan
Awen and Liqi with Kehan at dinner.

Awen with Kehan
What is it that is so sexy about a man with his baby?

Runar and Elin
Friends Runar and Elin are an Icelandic couple who comprise Heima.
The band name is also the name of their home, cafe, and bar where many good times are had.
They are prominent in the Xiamen art scene, and are currently recording their newest album.
Runar is an amazing songwriter in conjunction with his wife and her searing throaty vocals, and
they get down with inspired Icelandic-Xiamen alternative folk.
Their songs touch me and sadden me sweetly, always causing me to remember
how we let go, and are constantly in a drawn out process of leaving,
and I would recommend their work to another listener.
Let me know before August if you would like me to bring you back one of their albums.

Jon on base
Here Jon adds his mellifluous touch on the base guitar.